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Got a pitch for us?

  • Your work must not be derogatory to any person, community, race

  • Please don’t submit work that has already been published in other magazines or journals/ websites other than your own personal blogs or accounts.

  • You may submit your work for our printed issue and/or/both to our website.

  • There is no particular limit to your submissions. You can send in anything, from a research essay to a haiku to a bunch of baby photos.

  • Your work may be edited (grammar and punctuation only!) or resized according to the page layout. You’ll be asked before making any major changes though!

  • Lastly, send us ANYTHING related to the theme (if you're sending work for the print issues), or just a random pretty photo you took this morning. This is a safe space for everyone who wants to put their work out there! Doesn’t matter how old you are, or how experienced/formally educated you are, Art is art!

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