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A Lifetime of Creative Inspiration - #OCCreatives with artist Jishnu Bandyopadhyay

*Artist image by @gourabganguli

When asked about what inspires them, Jishnu told us there are multitudes of things that inspire their work and seep into it. Everything they've grown up with, everything new they discover, it all inspires their work. "I’ve been super lucky to be constantly inspired by stunning colleagues, and great competition", they share. That inspires their work too, just to see so much cool stuff surrounding them at all times.

Q - Barring all limitations, what does your dream project look like?

"A show or shoot at the Louvre. Is that too ambitious?"

When we spoke about the challenges one faces at the beginning of their career and how that evolved over the years, Jishnu shared that they've always felt the pressure to pick one thing. They were pushing themselves to either become an illustrator, or a writer, or a creative director…getting too caught up in establishing a specialty. They've made peace with the fact that they want and like to do different things at the same time. They don’t have to limit themselves, they just try to go out and give it their best. They've become more aware of that now.


Cool person 🤝 Cool recommendations 

Jishnu shared that they've currently rediscovered Orhan Pamuk, who their Baba introduced them to at an age too early. They can’t recommend My Name is Red enough times to enough people. "Also have you heard Zayn Malik’s new album?" asked Jishnu, "It’s gold". Miley Cyrus and Anusheh Anadil are their constants.



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