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“Hey you, yes you. I’m talking to you, don’t look over your shoulder. You look artsy, wanna write for me?”

A  question I ask you all. old, new or moderately outdated. all kinds of work are accepted. if you write poetry, essays or even rants. If you take photos, of people or of things. If you draw, paint or illustrate. Anything YOU think is worthy of being shown to the world, I want to see. The world wants to see. The Open-Close is looking for contributors for its third issue, so if you think you fit the bill, send us your work.

There are no limitations on the theme around which your work is to be made, you may send us abstract pieces as well. Deadline for submission is January 20th, 2018.

And so, send your work over to

I hope to work with all of you very soon,

Zarah Noorani




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