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“Imagination is One of the Highest Prerogatives of a Man.”

Words and Art by Pranshu Thakore (@zuzazuzazuzazu)

As Charles Dickens Darwin mentions in one of a chapter called “Mental Powers Of Man and Lower Animals” from the book “The Decent Of A Man”.

There is a belief or a dream which keeps a human going on with life. As most of us live in this system where we deem that without a proper reason behind it becomes futile of human to be alive. A man is the one to decide between worth and unworthy. I was on a pal's rooftop, where we met to relish the setting sun. The first thing I said while looking at the vast open sky was, “As far as you can see; the world is ours and we own it.” It was all made up in my head, not that I own this huge vast land with barter. It is just a sense of belonging to this land and imagining that dreams are real for fleeting pleasures. For a moment it did give me glee and gratification of how ideas can create brilliant results. It is wild to think about how we have the energy to deconstruct reality with this, hence it needs regular conditioning. As poet Jean Paul Richter remarks ‘who must reflect whether he shall make a character say yes or no – to the devil with him; he is only a stupid corpse.’ Dreaming gives us best notion of this power; as Jean Paul again says ‘the dream is an involuntary art of poetry.’ Maybe all of those worldly things that we think as reality are just ideas floating around. Not only does a human have the ability to dream; we know about it because we have achieved the highest form of intelligence to create artificial intelligence too. But also, the animals like cats, dogs, horses, birds and all higher animals also possess some power of imagination. Our ingenuity is influenced from the experiences we’ve had along with the power of perceiving the world with different perspectives. It is most natural thought process based on instincts that can transpire in brain. Imagination does have the ability to reveal new possibilities but we need to be clear in putting our energy wisely to it.



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