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Ink, Experiences and Art: In Conversation with Utsavi Jhaveri of Borderline Tattoos

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Featured image by Utsavi Jhaveri, edit by Sakshi Jadhav


You know how they say your tattoo should mean something to you? At Borderline Tattoos in Mumbai, Utsavi is the prime dealer of ink and experiences – ensuring that every client leaves not only with an insanely cool and unique patch of ink on their skin but also with an unforgettable memory.

No matter who you are, no matter where you come from or where you’re going, you have a tattoo idea you’ve always wanted to get done. Whether you’re saving it for a super special occasion, a random drunk night out with your friends, or just your parents’ permission, you still have that idea of a design lingering in your mind. Gone are the days of looking at getting tattoos as this chore and getting ‘wild’ with only a set of dolphins on your forearm, now is the time to make tattoos fun. Utsavi Jhaveri of Borderline Tattoos illustrates this exact energy into her work and makes sure every client leaves with a good memory to look back on. We recently got a chance to speak to the lovely Utsavi Jhaveri, owner of Borderline tattoos about tattoos, experiences and all that comes with it.

Naturally, we started at the very beginning- ok, not that far back, but the beginning of Utsavi’s journey with tattoos. When I asked her how ‘Borderline Tattoos’ came around, she told me how she got into tattooing in 2 ways. She worked in advertising for 6 years, but somehow that didn’t really bring her any joy. While we were talking about the world of mainstream media and advertising, she told me how the work never felt ‘her’s’, “although I was doing the work, it never really felt ‘mine”, she said. She knew she wanted to do something creative ever since she was little, but at this point in a job that didn’t bring her happiness, she felt a quarter-life crisis coming on strong. She told me that it was during this period in her life that she saw no hobbies around that she really enjoyed.

At this time, while she was working in LA, she got to meet her favourite tattoo artists. Needless to say, that changed her life. However, when she returned to India, things seemed to change. “When I returned to India, I met with a depressive time in my life, and I realised that I’ve actually been sad for most of my life”. Soon, she sought therapy and was diagnosed with a borderline. Utsavi told me that in order to help, her therapist suggested they do something about it.

During our call, Utsavi and I talked about how art is now judged mainly over how well one can ‘draw’. She told me that she wasn’t all that great at drawing, but she still could tattoo beautifully (you and I both know it’s true). She told me how a colleague at work taught her how to draw, and ever since then, she hasn’t looked back. With borderline tattoos, Utsavi found an outlet to do something she loves while also making the act of giving and getting tattoos fun for people. She believes in giving people experiences, instead of just a patch of ink on their skin. “Being an independent, female tattoo artist, I want to prompt more women in this area”, she said. For her, tattoos are not just accessories on your skin that should mean something heavy. Instead, Utsavi thinks of tattoos are collectables that should bring joy to whoever gets one!

What’s so special about getting inked at Borderline is that your tattoo is only yours to have. No one tattoo is ever repeated, ensuring that your tattoo is as unique as they come. In addition to that, Utsavi also collaborates with artists from all over to give her clients crazy unique, machine drawn designs to choose from. After all, tattoos are an experience, and Borderline Tattoos is the place for it.



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