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Substance Series – Kat Day

The premise for this particular series that I’m currently engaged in is what we lend importance to which may or may not actually benefit us in a deeper meaningful way.  I wanted the viewer to let their mind float over the entire body of pieces and get a sense of slight internal disruption.  It poses questions: Those things we own or covet—do we really need them?  How bad do we actually want them?  What good will they do us really?  In our simplest form, who are we / what are we?  What is the relation between who we are an the objects and status we desire?  Beyond that, I want to leave it to the viewer to make up their own minds about it.

“I am a contemporary artist and mother to an amazing special needs child (who is also an artist).  I am also the founder of The Courrier nonprofit international mail art project.”

Kathleen Day 


San Antonio, TX

‘Substance’ series Artist: K. Day mixed media acrylic and ink on 12×12” card stock circa 2020

This piece is a true to life silhouette of amputee Joe Gomez III from a near fatal car accident Feb. 21, 1998.



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