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There Will Be Ecstasy – Zine

A photo-zine made by Yatharth Roy Vibhakar.

“This zine was a result of my trip to Prague I took with a few mates of mine from University. We had gone there to unwind, document and in turn, create something visually interesting. I resulted with multiple creations, one of them being the zine and recently the music piece inspired by it. The zine is titled after a song I chanced upon the night before we were to head back to the UK. It perfectly summed up how I felt mentally, physically and emotionally in Prague with my mates, by myself and in general. The title itself resonated within me as the trip was very much like being in a constant state of mind shifting between euphoria and dysphoria, flooding emotions and vivid memories. I mainly shot on three film cameras and the B-Roll my phone. I was hoping to capture the emotional aspect of the trip through raw compositions, moments and textures using film juxtaposed with the clean composed shots on my phone depicting the contrast between reality and expectations.”



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