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Upcoming Releases this week: Movies, Music and Art (November 30th to December 6th)

As the new week rolls in, here's a list of upcoming releases in music, movies, art and more - curated by the OC, just for you. Written by OC writer Asiya Anwar FEATURE FILM (DOCU-FICTIONAL) : Based on a 2017 non-fiction book Nomadland : Surviving in the Twenty-First Century by Jessica Bruder directed/edited/produced by Chloé Zhao, the movie stars Frances McDormand as a woman who after losing everything in the Great Recession embarks on a solo journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad. The film will be available to watch in theatres and on VOD on 04th December.


Premiered primarily at the 2002 Reykjavík Arts Festival and originally composed as a collaboration with several other artists Sigur Ros’s new orchestral album titled Odin’s Raven Magic (also an Icelandic poem) sees the light of the day nearly after two decades! The Icelandic post-rock band which is known for their sublime sound, transcending vocals promises a soft sonic landscape experience with this album release. Slated to release on December 04, you can preorder the album on Spotify.


Titled ‘Breath Of Art’, this art show claims to stand true to its title for it will leave you touched and inspired enough to not only reflect on the artworks but to use that paintbrush yourself and awaken the artist in you! If you can’t attend the venue in Delhi yourself, you can have a virtual art tour at Organised since November 22, this phenomenal art show is live till December 03rd.


The Pandemic has surely faded our memories of going out and about and attending live performances! Sigh no more because The Journey Open Mic has come right to the rescue with a digital Open Mic opening. Mark your calendars for December 03rd and tune in to watch/perform at the dearly missed Open Mics. You can find the link for the event here : The Journey Open MicThe Journey Open Mic


Marking the debut of Annida Kathuria, this event comes with an added bonus of Sohail Arora’s 3 hour extended set with energetic, adrenaline pumping music which you can experience live at antiSOCIAL on December 04th. You can find the link for the event here :



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