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Veganism, Art and The Ease of it All: In Conversation with Pia Li

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Isn’t it just beautiful when one mixes things they’re immensely passionate about with their love for art. What drew me to first interact with Pia is the sheer simplicity that is in this ‘mixture’ of a plant-based lifestyle and water colour painting. It not only brings a sense of comfort to the person witnessing it but also a great deal of encouragement to live a more sustainable and animal-friendly life. In conversation with Pia of @piaplants, we talk about art, favorite food, the ease of being vegan and so much more. Read on, reader!

(interview by Zarah Noorani, words and images by Pia Li)

What has your own artistic journey been like?

Drawing always made me happy and home in a way that nothing else did. After school I went to New York and took nude classes which made me want to learn more about the drawing of human bodies. I decided to study fashion. During my studies I realized that I was never really creating fashion. The major thing I liked about fashion was the illustrations. I decided to completely concentrate on my art, I started Piaplants and working as an illustrator.

What drew you to a plant-based diet?

The main reason for me were animal rights. Then I found out about environment, world hunger and health, which made my vision more clear. Realizing how easy it can be to live a vegan life helped me to stay with it. It feels like I’ve gained a whole new world of beautiful food. I keep learning about new ways of cooking and connecting with the planet and the living creatures on it.

What inspired you to start a plant-based food cookbook?

When I became plant-based, I didn’t know people around me that shared that way of living which isolated me a little bit. I started to write down things and recipes that could help people understand me and this way of seeing the world a little bit better. I wanted to create a cooking experience that helps people to connect their inner art with cooking. My Idea was to make plant-based living easier to adapt to a busy routine. I formed recipes that are simple to make and leave enough space for individual input and changes while cooking. What started as a family and friends project luckily involved in something way bigger than expected.

What’s your favorite go-to recipe out of all the ones you’ve worked on?

That’s a very difficult question, because it changes all the time. At the moment; in the heat, I would say summer rolls, filled with crispy tofu and loads of fresh veggies and salad. Or an arabic tabouleh. Preferably with a bunch of my friends and a homemade juice, in the sun.



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