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Weatherman, don't you understand? - Tiana Tara and Perp's new release "Weatherman"

We've all had experiences that make us. For some, it's one thing, for others, it's something else. However, one thing we have all (and I mean ALL) felt is a sense of attraction, wanting, intimidation or even love for another person - and there is nothing better than when artists touch upon these feelings we've all felt and give them to us like it is. With 'Weatherman', TIana Tara and Perp have encapsulated that exact feeling, from the sound to the words that swim inside our heads in these moments.

They describe the song being a representation of love, like a pendulum that oscillates between the eternal "he loves me, he loves me not" question. The song follows the story of a girl who feels a lot and thinks she's over a guy until he walks past and she's back where she started.

The song came together on a particularly rainy day when two friends (Tiana and Perp) sat down to write it and eventually began their search for the perfect person to produce it. In comes Varun Agnihotri, the best fit for this song! Of course, then, as they say, was history!

Give the song a listen, and see for yourself!



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